Staring at the ceiling at night? Tossing and turning till 4am? Hypnosis can help you get to (and stay) asleep.

17/09/2008 10:03

Life can get busy with bills to pay, deadlines to meet, appointments and social engagements to attend. When the dust finally settles at the end of the day it can leave some peoples minds racing. Sleep issues are more common than ever in this day and age. There are many reasons why people have difficulty falling asleep at night. Relationship problems, financial worries, anxiety, stress, a feeling of not being safe and countless others. Hypnosis can help to alleviate sleeping issues quickly enabling those that use this form of treatment to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

Sometimes insomnia can be related to more serious health issues. This is why I recommend being examined by a physician to make sure someones health is fine before trying any form of treatement for sleep issues. If there is no serious issues with health, hypnosis may be an excellent choice to help finally get some shut eye. In my experience most people that arrive at my clinic for sleep issues end up falling asleep during the hypnosis session. While this is great, hypnosis works better when someone is in hypnosis and not asleep. When someone falls asleep there brainwaves enter deeper states that are no longer considered hypnosis. A good hypnotist or hypnotherapist is aware of this and works with the individual to ensure they stay in a hypnotic state so they can respond as needed. It's important to ensure the clients focus remains on the session and hypnotists voice, even if it does feel good to finally catch some zzzzz's. By having the client focus on the session, a hypnotist is ensuring that the client has a much higher chance of success. Trust me, after a day of relaxing music it is enough to make me want to catch forty winks, but I have luckily trained myself to stay conscious by always focusing on the client. (We actually have a rule as hypnotists, and that is "Make sure the client always goes into hypnosis FIRST! lol)

If you are having difficulty falling asleep and would like to book a session, contact me directly or find a hypnotherapist in your area that you can work with.