The Benefits of Morning and Evening Meditation or Self-Hypnosis

30/09/2018 11:57

There are two times during the day in which our subconscious mind is naturally more available. These two times are first thing in the morning when you wake up and the last few moments before you go to sleep at night. These two times are wonderful opportunities to seed positive thought seeds within the fertile soil of the subconscious mind. 

  Morning meditations and self-hypnosis can assist with refocusing the mind on goals that you would like to achieve, connecting with gratitude to develop a more positive mindset and cultivating more motivation and energy for the day ahead. You can receive benefits from as little as 10 minutes of meditation or self-hypnosis when you first wake up in the morning. We train our bodies by working out and we know all of the benefits that physical exercise provides. Training the mind through meditation and self-hypnosis can provide many mental benefits including improvements in mood, energy, positivity, motivation and much more. 

  Evening meditations and self-hypnosis before bed can provide the opportunity to clear the mind, unwind and relax. This can assist with deeper sleep, relaxation and stress reduction. Depending on the techniques used, evening meditations can provide the opportunity to review the day's activities, shining a light on areas that you could have been more effective, more conscious, more loving or more assertive. It can also assist you with problem-solving as you can contemplate any current situations that are happening and begin to come up with solutions. There is a good reason why you may have heard the saying "Sleep on it". Our brain continues to process problems and situations while we are sleeping at night and often times the answers are there when we awaken in the morning. And taking a few moments to consciously plan out the next day can assist you in creating motivation and inertia to move towards your goals.