14/01/2009 10:21

I recently read a story about how a man asked his wife why she cut the ends off a ham before cooking it. "Well that is the way my mother cooked it!" so the woman asked her mother why she cut the ends off the ham before cooking it and her mother said "That's how my mother cooked it!" So she went to her mother and asked why she cut the ends off the ham and her mother said "I cut the ends off because I only had one pan and it was too small to fit a whole ham in."

It is amazing how we can go through life and not even question things that we do.

Another interesting story is how procter and gamble never put any red in commercials. One day someone asked "Why don't we put red in commercials?" The answer was "We just don't. No red in commercials" upon further investigation it turned out that red was not put into commercials because of the fact that it didn't look right when they were using black and white tvs!

So I encourage you to take a look at your life. Are you cutting the ends of your ham or not putting red in your commercials? Makes you think, doesn't it?