What does being in hypnosis feel like?

09/02/2011 00:02

Many people wonder what being in a state of hypnosis feels like. The truth is that you have already experienced hypnosis in your daily life, you just don't realize it.

If you drive, perhaps you can recall a time when you were driving down the highway and your mind started to drift and wander. Or those tv shows that seem to draw you in and you are able to suspend disbelief and allow yourself to be taken in by the story only to feel strong emotions related to the content of the program. Perhaps you can think back to a relaxing holiday at the beach. Your eyes closed, the sun pulsing down on your skin, the waves gently crashing against the shore as a gentle breeze caresses your body as you hear the sounds of seagulls in the distance.

All of the above events elicit a hypnotic response within the mind. Our conscious minds seem to quiet and we live in a moment of just "being". There is a sense of openess and quietness within. A gentle lull.

This is very much what hypnosis feels like. Being in a place where time and space seem to dissolve. It is within this place that transformation and healing can occur. When the correct hypnosis techniques are applied within this state, old patterns stored in the subconscious mind can be re-aligned with new ones, old emotions can be released and new ideas and thoughts can be more readily accepted.

Hypnosis can feel like a power nap or a quiet vacation on a beach. It can feel like pure elation and exaltation!