Is your karma concrete? Dr. Georgina Cannon gives you the answer!

06/05/2013 15:54




“Not necessarily so” says Dr. Georgina Cannon in her new book RETURN AGAIN published by Red Wheel Weiser, where she writes about Past Life and Life Between Lives and the ability for all of us to change Karma.


“There’s no question we bring in patterns, which are part of the soul lessons we need to learn, but how we handle those patterns, is up to us, in this lifetime,” she explains, “imagine Karma as a hand of cards that you are born with, it’s how we play those cards in this lifetime that make our Karma this time.”


In her 17 years of clinical hypnosis and regression wok in the clinic, Georgina has seen thousands of clients, and each person has a story. Each person has their own view of their world as they are living it today. So whether we’re blaming our mother, our boss, the weather or Karma for our life and the way we’re living it, ultimately, it comes down to us. What we choose to do, every moment of every day, carves out the life we live – and our Karma for the next life!


Once we understand that we can manage our Karma and make changes in the current life, we have to find a way of weaving those changes smoothly into our day-to-day. Sometimes that can be a challenge. Georgina has developed a program called The Absorption Process which she uses in her clinic and is explained in the book.


Return Again contains scripts and guidance how to change Karma, as well as additional scripts that the reader can use. Other important subjects and chapters in the book include information about soul mates, body and soul agreements, the ability to choose heaven or hell on earth and important information and guidance about soul mates and soul contracts.

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Bio: Dr. Georgina Cannon – award winning author, change catalyst, corporate speaker, international facilitator and practicing consulting regression hypnotist who brilliantly and skillfully uncovers the powers of the subconscious mind-body connection working through relationship and life issues with clients, both personally and for business.