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18/10/2009 01:11
This past week I joined Karma Co-op. A food co-op in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. By becoming a member of the co-op, you become a part owner and can shop there. Co-ops are great because they support local farmers as well as carry a large amount of organic produce which helps keep our planet green and...
01/09/2009 15:00
This October, Humanities Team Canada is holding a retreat weekend entitled "Breakthrough" at the Pleasure Valley Resort in Uxbridge. I will be presenting a hypnosis workshop on Saturday before the firewalk! If you are interested in attending please contact Yasmine from Humanities Team, the...
04/08/2009 21:14
    My office space has just undergone a major overhaul and expansion. There is now a very relaxing atmosphere for clients to make change within that is both soft and inviting. Think "urban zen", that would be the best way to describe it! Modern yet ancient...
11/07/2009 13:58
  Experience hypnosis for yourself, now. I have just posted a free instant hypnosis relaxation download to this site. Simply click on hypnosis downloads on the menu to the left and click free hypnosis download. You can be experiencing the benefits of hypnosis in just minutes from now. Enjoy!
02/06/2009 20:33
    I have recently been asked to author articles for the Elizabeth Grant Skincare Blog. I was given some products to try by Margot Witz, who is one of the people behind Elizabeth Grant Skincare! There products are truly amazing. My skin is looking spectacular! People have...
27/05/2009 13:06
    They say that the universe is expanding, well that might just be the case, and it seems that it has somehow had an effect on my office! Over the past few months I have been working with other hypnotherapists and wellness practitioners trying to incorporate what they do with...
05/05/2009 17:31
In Febuary I was part of a feature on Hypnosis in Money Sense Magazine. The article can be read here.
05/05/2009 16:46
  A few weeks back my friend Juancho (check out his eco-friendly blog at provided me with some raw food cook books. I began incorporating more raw foods into my diet and feel amazing. The receipes are easy, fast and very healthy. You can...
18/02/2009 21:19
Humanity Ascending - A New Way Through Together
11/02/2009 17:37
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