05/01/2010 14:52

January 1st marks a time of year when so many people make good intentions of changing themselves for the better. Many get gym memberships hoping to finally get that body that they have always wanted. Some decide they want to kick the smoking habit once and for all.

While the intentions are good, most do not stick to the new pattern of behaviour or change they set out to make.

People who incorporate hypnosis increase their chances of successfully making the change. Hypnosis helps the unconscious mind to align with the conscious minds highest desires.
If you are interested in using hypnosis to help you make a change in your life, contact me for a free consultation so we can discuss how hypnosis can help you.

17/11/2009 21:32

I will be extending the free hypnosis session until the end of November. You have just a few more days to take advantage of this offer.

26/10/2009 15:27

Many people suffer from a variety of sleep issues. Insomnia, waking up during the night and not getting a deep level of sleep can affect productivity, mood and ones sense of well being. Developing healthy habits around sleep is essential to achieving a good nights rest and hypnosis is an effective form of complementary healing to do so. Hypnosis can help to quiet an over analytical mind, relax the body and remove stress to ensure a quality sleep state. Available on this website is my sleep sound program which is designed to help move you to a deep state of sleep.

24/10/2009 14:07

If you have ever had to speak to a large group of people, chances are you felt some sort of emotion before hand. Sometimes it can be a feeling of excitement, sometimes butterflies in the stomach, but for some people the feeling can be one of total terror! People can play out worst case scenarios leading up to the speech in their mind and even have nightmares about it. A relaxed and focused mind enables a much smoother speech. When you let go of the fear surrounding public speaking it can even be fun! Hypnosis and NLP have sets of wonderful tools that enable you to acheive relaxation and comfort with public speaking. People who use hypnosis become a more engaging speaker and find it easier to connect with their audience once all the fear and anxiety are removed. If you would like to become a more effective publice speaker, hypnosis might be the complementary modality to help you do so!

24/10/2009 13:59

Every student knows that studying is an important part of the learning process. At times, studying can seem difficult of there is a lack of focus or anxiety to perform. Students and people taking courses can benefit from using hypnosis as a tool to help them increase focus, concentration and information retention. We actually go into a light state of hypnosis or trance when reading which allows us to absorb information better. Hypnosis can allow oneself to achieve laser like focus when studying and remove mental chatter and distractions to enable a more fulfilling study time. Throughout my years of practice I have worked with many students helping them to achieve a more focused state when studying. This has helped people to increase their marks in school and to just be better. A relaxed and open mind absorbs information much easier that a stressed out, unfocused one.


23/10/2009 12:24

In the perfect world, everyone would be successful, have the perfect job, exude confidence, be the perfect weight and be happy. Unfortunately many people have blocks that prevent them from achieving the success that they desire. Even if someone knows specifically what they want to achieve, there are barriers and blocks within them that hold them back in their lives. Hypnosis and nlp are tools that enable individuals to remove blocks that stand in their way of success. Usually these blocks are difficult to remove consciously. It can feel like an internal battle is waging between the part that wants to succeed and the part that wants to stay where it is. Removing a block and letting it go allows one to move to a new level of being. Hypnosis and NLP allow us to work directly with the block so it can be understood better and removed. 

If you are ready to let go of any blocks that are holding you back, hypnosis and NLP are wonderful, complementary tools that can enable you to finally achieve your dreams.

22/10/2009 09:49

This is a common question I am asked. Are you born with the power to hypnotize? The answer is no! It's not something you are born with and anyone could learn how to hypnotize someone in about an hour. However it takes a lifetime of practice and learning to learn what to do with someone while they are in hypnosis to get them to make change. In face, all hypnosis is SELF-hypnosis. So in reality it's people themselves who are their own hypnotists, I am merely a guide helping them to find their own answers. At my practice in Toronto, Ontario, I actually teach my clients self-hypnosis so they can hypnotize themselves in between our sessions. Once people learn that it is them who is hypnotizing themselves, it allows them to have more willpower and self control in their lives.

22/10/2009 09:38

Obesity is a growing concern in western cultures. With the amount of convinence and processed food consumption on the rise and people not getting enough physical activity our nation is slowly getting larger. Many people try a vast array of diets, and while some have success and lose the weight, once they lose the weight they desire they return to their old patterns of behaviour around food and the weight usually returns. Many people want to get of the yo-yo diet train for good and hypnosis is helping many people to do just that. Hypnosis for weight loss works differently than diets. It helps people develop a better relationship with both themselves and food. And because the behaviours are changed in the subconscious mind the weight loss is usually permanent. Hypnosis helps people to become fully conscious of what is truly going on with their relationship with food and helps them to make better, more sound decisions when it comes to choosing foods that are healthy for their body and having an aversion to those foods they know they should let go of. It doesn't matter if it's 10 pounds or 50 pounds that you need to let go of, hypnosis can help you achieve the shapely body you have always desired.

19/10/2009 12:27

Many people suffer from the embarassment of blushing, usually when giving a speech or experiencing a moment of being the centre of attention. It is quite a common issue. It's also something that you wouldn't think straight away that hypnosis could help. But hypnosis is a very effective complementary treatment for the issue of blushing. Because blushing is function of the subconscious, hypnosis can help to reduce and even remove the issue of blushing. So if you or someone that you know blushes hypnosis can help! It can make you feel more confident in knowing that you can have control over the issue and move into a life that is free of the embarassment of blushing!

19/10/2009 12:22

Until November 15th 2009, your first hypnosis session is free, with the purchase of a hypnosis package. This promotion is not valid on past life regression or life between lives sessions. This promotion will not be around for long. If you are serious about using hypnosis as a vehicle to make the change you desire, you will want to take advantage of this offer while it is still available.

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